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  Who are we?

Ornamentales del Sur is an agricultural company with more than 20 years experience in the field of ornamental flowers. Throughout this time we have become specialists in the cultivation of Chrysanthemums, developing and growing a wide range of varieties enabling us to cover all the market needs which is increasingly more demanding and which requires greater expertise to obtain flowers of the highest standard.

  What we do?

All our efforts centre on obtaining Chrysanthemums from cuttings and cut flowers. We currently work with a wide range of plant varieties, including both those with a consolidated market share and additionally we explore and try new varieties.

Our production processes are subject to strict requirements which guarantee health and efficient flowers as well as the fulfilment of quality control to ensure a unique product.

The result of this process are first-class Chrysanthemums which we distribute thoughout the Spanish territories and to various countries within the European Union, achieving prominence in the principal national and international markets.


These results can only be achieved thanks to the infrastructure the company possesses on the island of Gran Canaria - a region in which the climate, naturalresources and a strong agricultural tradition have made it ideal to carry out our activities. 

More than 100,000 square meters of automated greenhouses, an extensive well network from which we source our water (a precious resource, difficult to obtain on the islands), and a professional, specialised team, which guarantee us the satisfaction of our clients, whose confidence has endorsed our work for more than two decades.